{Image: Fog ~ Stephen Williams} From the Editor ~ Harrison Otis Fiction Santa Cristobel ~ Derringer Dick Non-Fiction The Abasement of the Sublime: Why Faust Fails to Become a Romantic Hero ~ Christian Fernandez Poetry Half ~ Mary Elizabeth Bransom Daddy’s Skin ~ Emily Cardé A Sonnet ~ Josiah Duran To the Illustrious Mr. Beauregard […]

  I am no good at poetry: The way I wield a quill Is like unto a musketeer Who duels when he’s ill. The feathers I choose with aim devout To scale the slopes of verse Entire pairs of wings do sprout And soar to flee the curse Of stumbles, mishaps, and snafus, Faux pas, […]

The door swung inward, springs twanging. The storm raging outside in the Maine wilderness rushed into the room. Joe Marley came in with a whirlwind of snow and ice. Marley had been a regular at the place ever since he came into this old town and the older forest surrounding it. This was his home, […]

For our final publication of the 2013-14 school year, we’ve compiled our best submissions into one issue. Check out the PDF. And, for two more excellent pieces that we couldn’t include in the print issue because of space, see below: Fiction: Sonia: The Other Crime (Hannah Cudal) Poetry: A Fictional Account of Things that Totally Don’t Happen to Me (Danielle […]

Butterfly fingers          origami the page. One hand scissors,          the other folds. Bumps on page filter         onto smooth fingertips: osmosis:          the sound of words:                     In this dream I can write […]

Poetry cannot be taught, And writing is not learned. Classrooms give no wings to thought— Nor teach you how to yearn. But watch the world for half an hour— Be silent in your soul. Leave, for once, your ivory tower And listen to the pull Of falling stars, of concrete, trees, Of lovers’ rendezvous— Dance […]

Like water spreading through a sponge, the ear- Sting, nose-nip air bites at my body’s bones, But binds us in a cold communion here. For you and I, though in so much alone, Can share this cold that shocks our sheltered shells. And as we nestle near, made bold by cold, Your shoulder leaned upon […]

It’s perhaps a start to weariness, painless Ticking and talking, settling With the hesitation Of swinging pendulums. What is the time for anything Anymore? Legions waging war With the mind—the utmost Corners of dreamland; Advancing, retreating: Like tidal pools birthing Tsunamis, flowing—but no. Nothing’s like anything Anymore. Time’s a-ticking, they say aloud. Again—I don’t know’s […]

All things held, tightly squeezed seem to soothe secret fears. But beneath, in darkened grasp, they suffocate. Festered, shrink until transformed – a naked child of previous grandeur – dies. All things freed, now released, seem to flee out of grasp. But above, livened fresh they inhale. Invigorated; Glorified – a warble-breasted chickadee in freedom […]

My heart was sore and weighted down, I felt I was alone; Though many friends surrounded me My pain was all my own. I breathed a sigh that no one heard, Or so, at least, I thought, Until a poppy stopped me short And saw the hurt I fought. It was a vibrant summer bloom, […]

Belief arises, shifts aside the ash. I feel my soul revive from hopeless sleep, I can embrace the future and the past, I rise from the despondent oceans deep. The dormant flowers bud and bloom again. I feel the wispy death-shroud of despair Begin to slip its grip from off my frame— At last, my […]


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