{Image: Fog ~ Stephen Williams} From the Editor ~ Harrison Otis Fiction Santa Cristobel ~ Derringer Dick Non-Fiction The Abasement of the Sublime: Why Faust Fails to Become a Romantic Hero ~ Christian Fernandez Poetry Half ~ Mary Elizabeth Bransom Daddy’s Skin ~ Emily Cardé A Sonnet ~ Josiah Duran To the Illustrious Mr. Beauregard […]

The wind has a way of uncovering all the chinks in my armor: the gaps between my coat-sleeves and my gloves, the space between each button, and a nipping, pinkish ear. The wind has a way of discovering all the whistling holes in my soul, and plays me like a two-penny flute. The leaden door […]

The Blind call Winter a time of death with Her barren woods and forsaken blooms. “The forests are stripped of their glory,” they cry. Not so, say I, beholding The layered treelines of the haloed hills. There is no façade, No hiding from the morning light. We see them as they are, Without their covering: […]

           How weird is that?            Have you ever thought about how insane and crazy it is that you exist? The chances of you existing approach zero and flirt with it. In order for you to be sitting here, reading this, millions of highly improbable events had to occur.            First, there had […]

In the morning, when she woke up, Wisdom mocked her. A dusty light passed through the small window and laid bare the cracks in the warped floorboards. Somehow, the light was thinner, more emaciated. Sonia wondered if the garden had felt less bright to Eve, the day after. Had the whole garden reduced, as she […]

First Place, Short Short Story Contest 2013 It took Carson a long time to step into the woods. For a while he just stared like a frightened deer. Eventually he gave his shovel a good squeeze for confidence and trudged forward.            “I don’t think Santa will give me anything any good this year,” Wyatt had said. […]

Second Place, Short Short Story Contest 2013 “Every December, they come. Although we are guilty of no offense, they continue to cut down and dishonor our brothers and sisters. Now is the time to rise up against these savage invaders! Now is the time to end this senseless slaughter!”            A chorus of assent arose from […]

To James Gates, the night smelled of disappointment. It smelled of the freshly cut paperwork clutched in his fist, now thrust deeply in his jacket pocket. It smelled, also, of a tad too much cheap champagne and the four grand worth of worn bills—the spoils of poker—weighing down his other pocket. He paused for a […]

The Romantic hero is an idea expressed across generations of Romantic literature. The Romantic concept of a hero entails three factors: a persecuted agent, a spirited means, and an ethereal end. The agent is an individual persecuted by circumstances, typically beyond his control, that threaten his quest for the end. Emotions and sensations are the […]

In our last issue, we published two poems found taped to the door of one of the female dormitories on campus. After printing them and posting them to our blog (where they are currently available for your review), the Vessel email account was flooded with messages claiming to be from the poems’ authors. We received […]

A stranger lit the tip of his cigarette Fresh smoke twisted in the air Smelling of home… Of father. His ideas had twirled As rapid and random as the smoke From his menthol-laden Marlboros I laughed with him Contemplated with him Prayed for him… Of one thing he was sure “I’ll donate my skin as […]


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